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Andrew Mark Brewster




Andrew Brewster is a Landscape Designer who will graduated from the University of Arizona Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program in May 2024. He has been able to apply his background in fine art to his landscape design career.  Andrew’s focus is on mixed-use master plans, green stormwater management, and ecological systems. He has strong graphic skills as well. Part of Andrew’s expertise is in operating a wide range of complex computer programs that apply to a multidisciplinary practice.
Andrew's designs are focused on ecological health, accessibility, inclusivity, and revitalization. He has developed a naturalistic design language that supports the health of the ecosystem as well as creating an aesthetic that is comfortable for human inhabitation. 

Design Philosophy Guidelines


-Integrating accessibility on multiple dimensions to connect the built environment in ways that were inaccessible to some.  

-Providing appropriate habitat for wildlife to help support human existence as well as supporting a biodiverse and healthy ecosystem  

-Immersing humans in natural designs that provide a connection to a natural state. 

-Creating healthy microclimates that do not create a condition of excessive heat.  

-Being sensitive towards existing and historic cultures.  

-Providing dedicated spaces for recreation/physical activity to help support a healthy and active lifestyle    

-Implementing GSI for healthy water management.  

-Supporting economic sustainability at multiple scales. 

-Creating designs that support food accessibility regardless of income.  

-Creating aesthetically appropriate and beautiful spaces for the inhabitant's appreciation.   

-Providing engagement and entertainment to create a condition of happiness.

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